Standard Service areas and Rates

  • Mobile Service Call Fee starting at $100 (dependent on location and technician requested, service fee may be higher. Please refer to the coverage map below. )
  • Yes, we can do some warranty/extended warranty/recall work depending on company.  Please note, many do not cover mobile fee or diagnostic time and require a second trip due to the approval process. 
  • Holidays/Emergency(when available)/After hours(after 4pm) service call fee starting at $150 and hourly rate of $175 hourly.

  • Hourly Labor Rate - $125 (book rates are charged for most items, not actual clock time. Minimum 1 hour)

  • Payments: We accept Cash, Check, Venmo and all Major Credit/Debit cards at the time of service. Credit/Debit cards carry a 3% processing fee to help cover the cost of the processor and to keep our rates as low as possible.

  • Standard winterization $150, additional charges for icemaker, washer, dishwasher.

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